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Welcomes and First Impressions
Welcomes and First ImpressionsThey say “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but in the sales business, the cover is[...]
Model Home Photography
Model Home PhotographyPerhaps one of the most neglected aspects of home building is the act of photographing the model home[...]
Superbowl Sunday
Superbowl SundayIt’s almost here! The perfect excuse to swig a pint of beer, eat too much queso dip, and celebrate[...]
The Importance of “Face”
The concept of “Face” is an integral part of the Asian mindset. Everything revolves around face. One is either giving,[...]
Musts, Wants and Wishes
Over the past 20+ years in new home sales I have had the “Musts, wants and wishes” conversation with many[...]
4 Ways to Maximize New Home Sales “Off-Season”
4 Ways to Maximize the New Home Sales “Off-Season”It’s the start of the real estate market’s “off-season.” It all goes[...]
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