Using “The Shift” to Sell New Homes More Effectively in Today’s Post-Pandemic World

When Texas Rangers outfielder Joey Gallo hits a ground ball, it goes to the right 96% of the time.

No wonder then when opposing teams like the Astros move all their players to the right in what’s now known as “The Shift”.

It’s an unusual tactic, but it seems to work, forcing Gallo to pick between a bunt up the (vacant) third base line, or having an overabundance of fielders to put him away before he can even get on base.

Could your own version of “The Shift” help you sell new homes in your community more effectively?

Today’s homebuyers come in with a whole different set of concerns and questions we didn’t encounter prior to the pandemic

Everything from, “How can we possibly afford to buy the space we need at today’s prices?”…

To, “Do you have anything with two home office areas… a big yard… Oh, and a homework room (or two) for the kids?”

Anyone thinking and acting as if they’re still living in the pre-pandemic world is going to find themselves out of touch with today’s prospective homebuyers.

So, if some of the questions you’re hearing catch you off guard, maybe it’s time to make a shift of your own to the whole new world we’re dealing with today.

Here are three ways to get in tune with the buyers walking in to your office or show homes today:

Keep up with current homebuyer trends

Rather than blowing up your phone with a barrage of attention-sapping news headlines, stay informed about the topics you’re most interested in with a news aggregator app. 

Google News lets you set Alerts by topic. Sign up for topics like “home buying”, “home buyer trends”, “new construction home”, “new home design trends”, etc. 

Other news aggregator apps that allow you to focus on specific topics (rather than the latest “hot” stories) include News360News Break (for local news) Feedly and Pocket.

You can keep up with major news stories in the Wall Street JournalForbesBloomberg and The New York Times, but don’t forget to check in on trade publications like and, to name just a few.


Survey your market

Ask prospective home buyers lots of questions… 

What features are they looking for?

What frustrates them about their present situation?

What have they found so far in their house-hunting journey?

Of course, you’ll make mental note of the answers you hear in conversations with buyers.

But if you can keep a journal and group responses by category, you may be able to identify trends. This helps you know in advance what types of questions and concerns new prospects may have. You’ll then be in a much better position to cut right to the chase and help them find the perfect solution in your community.


Be ready for curveballs

We tend to focus on the positive aspects of our product. 

But what are the negatives your prospects may have in the back of their minds? What objections might they have, spoken or unspoken?

Maybe the school district you’re in isn’t so great. How could you counter that objection?

Did they like a model you’re offering, but have a hard time accepting the current production schedule due to school year considerations?

Or simply being able to afford the home of their dreams — Are you ready with the latest creative financing solutions to help them overcome that obstacle?

Being ready to field the questions that come up puts you in the best position to help prospective buyers find solutions to problems they’re struggling with. And that means more sales and happier customers. 

Even if you can’t find a direct solution, sometimes helping a prospective buyer see things in a different light can move them closer to a purchase with you.


Buyers today already have many of the answers

It used to be that prospective homebuyers relied on on-site sales professionals to show them what’s available and guide them to a solution.

Today, buyers have access to almost everything they need in the palm of their hand. And with today’s technology, 3D video tours, they may already be highly informed when they show up in your office or model home.

Your role is to help them across the last mile and provide them with the relationship and human touch they need to make a decision.

With all the information and choices out there it’s up to you to help them fill in the emotional gaps and feel a sense of confidence about their decision to buy from you.


Time for a Shift in your Sales Model?

Like perishable goods in a grocery store, every sales model has a “sell-by” date.

Is your selling model up to date and ready for a new set of challenges as the world reopens?

Maybe it’s time to make “The Shift” so you can be ready for what’s coming at you.

Would you like help shifting your sales team’s focus to better address today’s new realities? We’d LOVE to speak with you! Helping sales teams adapt to the times so they can sell more effectively is what we do day in and day out.

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