The DaVinci Code of New Home Sales

How to Make New Home Sales Simple, Consistent And Predictable

If your sales team isn’t producing a consistent and predictable stream of new home sales, they could be missing out on a simple equation for success.

As the Owner, CEO or even Sales Director of a new home community, does the following scenario sound like you?

Everything’s in gear.

Your new home community has a GREAT location.

Lots are ready to receive new homes.

Your contractors are lined up and waiting for the go-ahead to start construction.

You’ve got a terrific financing package in place, all ready to help new homeowners call your community “home sweet home” — on payments they can afford.

There’s just one problem: Sales.

For some reason, your sales team is either driving you crazy with questions… Talking with God-knows-who (but not your new home prospects evidently)… Or suddenly bringing in a batch of sales out of the blue, and then for weeks at a time… crickets.

You’ve got better things to do than baby-sit your sales team. 

Every time you sit down to work on growing the company, you get sucked in to the latest sales drama. 

And it’s frustrating as hell to try and solve sales and marketing problems you were never trained for, and frankly don’t give a damn about learning.

It’s not right and you know it. 

You’ve put together a great product and selling it should be a breeze.

What to do?

A Proven Formula For Predictable New Home Sales

What if I could show you an incredibly simple formula that, if followed, will enable your sales team to produce consistent and improving sales numbers, week after week?

It’s a powerful sales tool I call Fahrenheit 8-5-1.

And it’s especially effective for new home sales — as I discovered in my own experience selling over $2 billion in new homes over the past 20 years.

Using this tool daily, any salesperson with basic closing skills will become a star in their market.

It’s designed to help each salesperson generate at least one new sale per week — week after week after week.

In order for it to work however, it must be practiced diligently every working day. If your team will adopt it, I promise you, your burden of managing them will be lifted enormously.

Okay, so what’s the formula?

It works like this:

  • 8 Appointments Per Week. Yes, it sounds like a heroic effort. But it only requires moving 2-3 families through the process, and seeing them multiple times per week. There is a catch, however: Each appointment must have 3 key elements, or it doesn’t count. It must have a time, a date and a purpose. Without a purpose, it’s NOT an appointment.
  • 5 Shows Per Week. On average, your sales folk need to achieve a show-up rate of at least 62.5% of their appointments. That means out of every eight appointments, they’ll have five actual meetings with prospective buyers. If they’re not hitting that number, they’ll need to start adding in more of a sense of obligation and urgency to each appointment set.
  • 1 Sale Per Week. Woohoo! The finish line, right? This is the big number. But you won’t see it consistently unless each of the preceding steps is followed diligently. If we don’t get eight appointments, we won’t get five shows. And on average, without at least five shows, we won’t get that sale.

Simple, right?

Actually, it is. And it works, as I’ve seen with the dozens of new home builders I’ve worked with over the years, many of whom have become star performers in our industry.

Of course, there’s more to it, and I’m always happy to help new home builders get what they need right now to grow a sales team that produces a consistent and predictable stream of sales.