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We provide sales training
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We are New Home Sales experts who have overcome the challenges you face to provide you tools to thrive.

Sales is about deeper insights

That’s why we believe you need guidance from pros who have been in your shoes and found success.

  • You deserve to be supported by a team of experts who understand challenges and have the solutions that will produce results.
  • You deserve for those experts to have a unshakeable bedrock of professional sales experience spanning every aspect of new home sales.
  • You deserve a team that knows how to educate and engage a sales team to bypass the learning curve to produce sales in 90 days or less.

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Every month receive a highly focused sales training topic to implement with your new home sales team. These cheat codes have been designed to give you structure and guidance when motivating and elevating your team to higher results.

If we gave you the formula to predict your home sales every week, would you use it?

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Mar'Sue Haffner's book, RISE, SHINE & SELL !! 

If you are new to sales, a 20-year sales veteran experiencing burnout, a frustrated sales manager looking for a fresh perspective to jump start an under-performing community, or an executive needing help building and/or managing a sales team, Mar'Sue has the experience and skill to help on every level. She believes there is a solution for every problem and Sales truly do Solve Everything. 

Sales Solve Everything® Works for Sales Professionals, Executives, and Owners


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Solutions for
Sales Executives

Transform your team
into, self-sufficient sales


Strategies and
Insights for Owners

Increase your profit
margins from the
ground up

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"I went from living in an apartment worried about supporting my family to making..."
- Aimee Cimino
Community Sales Manager
Normandy Homes

"Ralph and his team are so much more than Sales Experts. They help you in every aspect of your business." 
- Anthony Natale
Grenadier Homes

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