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  1. New Home Sales Training: How Do I Handle Multiple Sets of People in the Model at the Same Time

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    In a perfect world, sales professionals would have a steady flow of sales traffic spaced apart by at least an hour so we could effectively work with each client interested in purchasing a new home.

    In reality, the time we spend in our model homes brings us long stretches of time when no one walks through the door or there is a flurry of activity that potentially presents an obstacle for creating ideal client relationships.  Both situations offer opportunities to increase sales effectiveness, but we’ll discuss how to handle downtime in another segment.  First, we wanted to tackle how you can handle multiple sets of people in the model at the same time.

    Roland Nairnsey, our Senior Vice President of Training & Development, offers insights to creating the best plan for addressing multiple prospects every time the question is asked during a Sales Solve Everything training seminar.   He reveals, in fact, that sales professionals have such an abundance of prospects that they are afraid they are not helping them or handling them effectively.  When you find yourself in this position, Roland states that the best way to handle it is to learn to think on your feet, narrow down your audience, and work with the most serious buyers.  Here are his steps to effectively build client relationships when more than one client is present:

    1. Apologize for being busy, but use the model home’s popularity to create a sense of urgency among prospects.

    2. Learn how to give multiple presentations at once. This may seem obvious, but learning to address multiple clients at a time takes practice as you do not want to start off giving one client more attention than the other and losing out on a potential sale.

    3. Pinpoint the prospects that are not interested in being part of a group presentation and offer to set up a private appointment instead. Prospects looking for your undivided attention tend to be serious buyers and will appreciate being able to meet with you one-on-one. Try to schedule an appointment for later that day or first thing in the morning, so you can provide the help they need in acquiring one of your new homes.

    4. Do not abandon the idea of asking open-ended questions during the Discovery process, as those questions will allow you to understand the goals of each prospective buyer and will determine who in the group is most qualified to buy a new home in the near future. Spend extra time on the “When” and “Value Range” questions to get clear answers from each prospect.  Their answers will allow you to identify which prospects are most likely to buy a home from you that day and you’ll want to spend more time with them.

    Once you have a detailed system in place to handle multiple prospects at one time, you’ll be able to filter down and work with the most serious home buyers and increase your closing opportunities.  If you still have questions about how to handle multiple prospects, our new home sales trainers are here to help.  At Sales Solve Everything, we offer comprehensive new home sales training to answer your top sales questions with online training access and a variety of training and continuing education schools and workshops.

    Contact us for more information on how you can enhance performance, customer satisfaction, and builder profits through targeted and focused education.

  2. Being the best means….

    Leave a Comment Each December our team sets time aside to write down our SMART goals for the upcoming year. We each start with our own personal categories and then expand on them. Six categories commonly used include:
    • Finances
    • Family
    • Friendships
    • Career
    • Spiritual
    • Health
    If you do the same, take a look at your “Career” section. Do you see words and phrases like: “be average”, “almost meet my sales quotas each month”, “struggle to stay out of bottom 5%”? Of course not, right? It sounds silly but even in this market if you’re not constantly thinking about your goals and putting plans in place to achieve them, then that’s where you’ll find yourself. Since I’ve now got you thinking, do this for me. Take out a sheet of paper and complete this sentence: “Being the best means ________________________.” REALLY do it. I’ll wait…. {Picks up phone, checks email…reply, forward, delete…. oh look a Facebook notification-30 minutes later…what was I waiting for… OH…} Ok so you should have a pretty good list by now. Look at it and ask yourself, “How am I going to make that happen?” Being the best takes work. Hard work. Outside the box thinking. Growing in areas of weakness. Pushing oneself. We want to help you get there. Our Advanced PRO I Workshop is right around the corner. This class will focus on Four Critical Areas of New Home Sales that will ultimately give you the tools to achieve your goals. Check out why Ralph says this 2-Day Pro Workshop is critical to separate yourself in this busy market. If you’re not sure if this class is the right class for you, give us call and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. For those ready to take the next step in your career…. Join us for our Advanced PRO I Workshop to stay on track and surpass those goals! *This Advanced PRO I Workshop is only being offered 1 time in 2017. Don’t miss it!*
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  3. New Home Sales Training: What Quality Means to Your Customers

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    What Quality Means to Your Customers

    If you ask a group of people what their definition of quality is, chances are you will receive a different answer from many people within that group. Some may say it’s a characteristic or a distinguishing attribute. Others may say it’s the way something is built or a specific feature. What they would all have in common is being correct in their definitions.

    Quality can be defined in many different ways depending on the type of quality someone seeks. On Merriam-Webster alone, there are eight definitions for the word, illustrating the complexity attached to what used to be a simple concept. As sales professionals, the idea of quality is further convoluted with every customer we meet.

    Does the home design meet our needs?

    Does the salesperson respond to my questions in a timely manner?

    Does the price correlate with the new home received?

    Is the construction team working diligently to ensure my home is delivered on schedule?

    These are just a few of the questions customers may ask themselves when deciding whether a home builder can provide or has provided them with the quality they desire, and the answers to these questions are solely based on the customers’ perspectives of the product or service. So how are you supposed to know the type of quality each customer seeks? The simple answer is to listen to what your prospective clients have to say because their definition of quality lies with how they see your products and services before, during, and after the sale.

    Establishing Your Target Market

    The first step to understanding if your product or service meets the quality needs of your prospective customers is to determine who your customers are. Blanket markets like “everyone whose income correlates with our home price points” are ineffective. Dig down into the target demographics of your prospective clients and get a complete picture of their stories. How do their lifestyles fit into the floor plan, neighborhood, community, or city in which you are selling homes? Find your niche with each prospective customer. They’ll see the value in working with you and you’ll get ahead in enhancing their lives and achieving quality results.

    Understanding Your Customers’ Goals


    A customer that is budget-focused will more than likely define quality in how closely you adhere to their budgetary constraints, whereas a customer whose only concern is receiving the exact home they requested is going to worry less about the budget and more about seeing the home of their dreams just as they envisioned it. If you can’t determine what it is your customer cares about most, don’t assume you know the answer. One of the worst things you can do as a marketer, sales executive, or customer service representative is assume you know what is important to your customers. If you take the time to listen and ask questions, your customers will appreciate your effort in understanding their concerns or priorities ahead of time and you’ll have a clear idea as to what their goals are for their new home.

    Delivering on Your Promises

    So you’ve landed the sale and your customer is on their way to a new home, but your job is not yet complete. Part of a quality home-buying experience is ensuring that your customer receives the home they requested at the time and budget they requested. That means communication needs to stay open with the customer, sales team, and construction team so everyone is aware of the customer’s goals and can address any issues that arise efficiently and effectively. This doesn’t mean that everything has to work out exactly as planned, but it does mean that all parties involved need to work towards resolving any issues quickly and communicating them to the customers. Working together, the sales and construction teams can provide a quality home-building experience for every client through the final walk-through.

    The Quality Bottomline

    As sales professionals, ensuring our clients are satisfied with the level of quality we provide begins at the first point of contact and ends well past signing on the dotted line. It’s a part of everything we do and is only achieved when the desired outcome for the customer is met. It’s about doing our research, building strong relationships with our customers, providing quick and friendly customer service, and delivering the home they desire. It’s what keeps customers coming back and what prompts them to recommend you to their family and friends.

    Want to refine your sales technique and increase your quality performance with new home sales training? Contact us for talent evaluation, training opportunities, and community tune-ups from our friendly and knowledgeable new home sales trainers.

  4. Start Your Year off Right with Our Epic 1-Day New Home Sales Training Event

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    New year, new you? With the start of every year comes a renewed sense of vigor and the promise of bigger and better things for yourself, your family, and your friends. At Sales Solve Everything, we are facilitating this achievement with an EPIC 1-Day Event in Dallas, Texas featuring topics never before taught in any of our classes.

    Give yourself the opportunity to build upon your new home sales training skills with 6 brand new topics covering everything from setting yourself up to be a Sales Champion to building an honest and caring relationship with every one of your clients, and mastering the art of closing every sale. We’ll have 3 National New Homes Sales Trainers – Ralph Williams, Mar’Sue Haffner, and Roland Nairnsey – in one location for this all day event and each one is ready to help jumpstart your performance and profits with techniques, success systems, and information you will not find anywhere else. Our topics include:

    Triple Crown Qualities of Sales Champions

    New Home Sales Champions possess three winning characteristics. Winners can succeed with any one of them, but those who have all three are the true champions of the industry. Find out what these characteristics are and how you can utilize them to boost sales.

    Communicate, Connect, and Build Rapport

    In this segment, you will learn how to communicate like the masters, connect with every client, and show them that you care about finding them their perfect home.

    Fahrenheit 8-5-1

    This hot topic will set your sales on fire! Learn about the importance of having a system in place to predict your sales, managing yourself to get better results, and reaching your sales goals.

    A Tale of Four Tours

    National Sales Trainer, Ralph Williams, brings his high-energy, passionate, and refreshing storytelling technique to this “Once Upon A Time” story.

    Psychometric Selling ™

    We break down the behavioral variables of personality, generations, and cultures to engage and convert Prospects to Sales by understanding and connecting with each person in the most effective way possible.

    Closing Mastery and Managing Objections

    You’ve taken the time to prepare a unique presentation and accomplish the buyer’s objective, now it’s time to close. Learn how to understand the natural ways to involve your clients in the closing process, as well as authentic techniques proven to increase sales in today’s market.

    Don’t delay! Register today to secure your seat for this EPIC 1-Day Event in Dallas, Texas. The cost per ticket is $249, or you can bring the whole team and take advantage of our group pricing specials! Contact Brittney at 888-738-4020 for more information.

    Not sure if this EPIC Event is for you? Just read what some of the attendees from last year’s event have to say.

    “Fast paced, Incredible, Informative, Fun, Engaging, Interactive.” – Perheah D. | French Brothers

    “I enjoyed getting the perspective of top professionals from our industry. It was great getting a new/fresh spin on some old techniques and learning some new styles and phrases to overcome common objections.” – Ashley B. | Perry Homes

    “Everyone did a great job of keeping us engaged with relevant info. Changing up presenters was great.” – Teresa R. | Taylor Morrison

    “Very informative. Great ideas that help to spark creativity.” – Ric D. | GreenECO

    Register online and get the new year started with fresh techniques and processes to set yourself up for a winning sales season.

  5. Why would you bother going to The International Builders Show?

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    Written by: Roland Nairnsey, Senior Vice President of Training and Development, Sales Solve Everything

    I know, you’ve been there and done that, seen all of the acts, and there is nothing new you could possibly learn. Well, to quote our President-Elect….WRONG!

    Not only is the world-famous show, in the warm and vibrant City of Orlando, there are also vendors boasting new and improved technology, talented speakers and trainers from across the globe educating us on every facet of the new home industry, and of course an unparalleled networking opportunity with thousands of professionals from within our very own Industry.


    Mar’Sue and Ralph planning their 2017 IBS Master Session on Negotiating & World Dominance!

    If that is not enough, the main reason you must come to IBS 2017, is to see what Mar’Sue Haffner and Ralph Williams have to share in their advanced level Master Session, “Stop being Out Negotiated, The Negotiation Skills that Protect Profits.”  I am a self-professed education and training Junkie, and thought that I had seen it all regarding negotiation tactics, and strategies, wrong again! This program is full of brand new, original content that will literally cause a paradigm shift in how you think about Negotiation, and most importantly how you work with your own sales team when they try to bring you offers and “deals.”


    For those who haven’t seen Ralph and Mar’Sue speak before they are exuberant, and refreshingly candid speakers, with great material that will help increase your sales.  They have funny and relevant stories that you will have not heard before, and have an original take on the age-old topic of negotiation. They speak so passionately and authoritatively, that you can tell that “What they teach is what they practice,” in the field. It is not everyone that gets invited to teach a Master Class, and NAHB in their wisdom recognized that the topic, their original material and teaching style is so substantial, that they are worthy of “Master” designation.

    I will be there to support my new colleagues, and we would love to meet you, answer your questions and spend the afternoon filling you up with new ways to negotiate more effectively, both with your customers and your own team, to ensure that you increase sales and maximize your profits.

    So, I know you may have been there and done that, and think you’ve seen it all before, but not this time! It’s time to put away your winter sweaters, dust off your best Cruise wear and come join us in Orlando for a Builders show that you will always remember!

    Mark your calendars, as this Master Session is: On Tuesday January 10, 2017, 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM, in W224E.

    For questions please call Brittney, Ralph, Mar’Sue or me at Sales Solve Everything at 888-738-4020, or email any one of us
  6. 2017 is RIGHT Around the Corner, Are you Ready?

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    You are ready, right? Sorta? Maybe? 

    I totally get that, I mean we just threw away the left over mashed potatoes from Thanksgiving, right? How dare we rush past Christmas and jump to 2017. But we both know that it will be here before we know it, so do you have a plan to reach your goals. You HAVE written out your 2017 goals right? If not, check this blog out. If you have, then I suggest putting January 17-19th on your calendar.

    Four times a year, we host our Comprehensive New Home Sales School for professionals around the country. We are excited to kick off 2017 with this 3-Day New Home Sales Training Experience. If you’re ready to renew your love for New Home Sales and resharpen those skills or maybe you’re just eager to use the passion and drive in a new career, THIS class is for you. Register between now and December 6th to take advantage of Early Registration Discounts.

    Comprehensive New Home Sales School

    We hope to see you there. If you have questions or want to talk about team pricing specials, please contact Brittney Myers at 888-738-4020.

  7. The Pros are sharing their Secrets!

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    Fellow Pros share their secrets in 4 Major areas of New Home Sales! Come and learn the tips and strategies that make these Pros Successful! Register today!


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    Wanna SEE inside an Advanced PRO I Class? Check out THIS sneak peak!

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