The Power of a Positive Mindset: How to Excel in Today’s Tough Game of Selling

“Just saying the same thing slower doesn’t make you any more persuasive, boy. It just makes you sound slower.” ―Kristoff, to Kylo Ren when the latter fails in his attempt to use a mind trick on him

Persuasive “mind tricks” will only get you so far in selling.
To become a top producer in new home sales, you need to build all your sales techniques on a strong foundation.

As a new home sales professional today, you face more pitfalls, hurdles and obstacles to overcome than ever before. And with so many negatives in the news, keeping your head “in the zone” during those oh-so-crucial conversations with your prospects can be more challenging than ever.

It’s easy to get caught in a downward spiral.

When you’re feeling uncertain about the future, your confidence begins to slip. You lose sight of potential solutions. Lacking confidence in potentially great outcomes, your activity level diminishes. With less action comes fewer attempts. And with fewer attempts, you have fewer successes. Your belief in yourself shrinks…

And the whole cycle of uncertainty starts all over, sucking you down into an inevitable vortex of failure and frustration.

Yet in every group of salespeople I’ve worked with, no matter the circumstances, there’s always one or two individuals who achieve amazing results.

They may have the same tools, the same training, and even use the same techniques, but their results are far and away above the norm, enabling them to win the lion’s share of sales in any organization.

What Top Producers Do

What’s their secret?

In a word, mindset.

They’ve trained their brains to hop on a “happiness loop” that spirals them upward to ever greater success.

Does this sound a little too “woo-woo” for you?
Let me explain…

The ultimate secret to success in selling isn’t just the mechanics of saying the right thing, knowing your product, finessing the financing, or perfecting the paperwork.

What separates these champs from the wannabe’s happens at a deeper level…

The Hidden Secret of Top Sales Pros

It’s what I call the Power of a Positive Mind.

Without this force on your side…

You may be able to understand the process of selling inside and out, but lack the belief in yourself to reach even the most modest goals…

You may feel you’re too smart…

Or that trying out different ideas “…isn’t how we do things here”.

You may procrastinate on “swallowing that frog”, having the difficult conversation…
You may even feel resentful of others’ successes…

Or any of a host of other mental errors — tricks our brains play on us to keep our precious little egos safe and secure.

Instead of falling prey to these psychological booby traps, what if instead you could see reality for all its fantastic potential? Start by asking yourself, do you try to capture all the value in any transaction… Or do you create more value than you capture?

The Law of Income says, you get paid in direct proportion to the amount of VALUE YOU DELIVER to the marketplace.

Are You Reaching Your Full Potential?

If you’re not delivering all the value you could, maybe it’s time to look a little deeper into what it takes to be all you can be in professional new home sales.

The good news is, it’s not hard. In fact, with a few simple techniques, it’s actually pretty darn simple to effect a radical change for the better in your sales results.

It begins by realizing the astonishing power of a few simple physical actions to influence your state of mind — starting you on a virtuous cycle to ever greater levels of selling success:

Body —> Mind —> Behavior —> Outcome

Your words, and more importantly, your non-verbal body language have a far greater impact on your interactions than most people think.

Studies show it takes people about three seconds to decide if they like you. And only 30 seconds to decide if they want to do business with you.

So, especially when meeting a prospective customer for the first time, we’ve got to make every second count.

See For Yourself With These Simple Exercises

Can even a forced smile when you’re not feeling particularly like smiling actually change how you feel?

Grin from ear to ear for 15 seconds with your lips closed. Repeat with your mouth open. Now what did that do for your mood? Are you just a little more ready to meet with or call your next prospect?

And remember, people can “hear” you smile through the phone. It naturally comes out in your tone of voice.

Here’s another exercise:

Stand like Superwoman, knuckles on hips, feet apart, shoulders back, chest out, in a confident, relaxed, assertive posture.

Top producers lead their customers to a solution they feel happy about. Practicing this pose before a sales conversation puts you into a leadership frame of mind.

Powerful people are assertive, confident and optimistic. They think creatively. And they’re willing to take risks. In a word they’re bolder.

And as a result, they naturally lead prospects to a buying decision.

One last thing, from legendary life and leadership coach Tony Robbins, practice this incantation every day for the next ten days — and then for the rest of your life, anytime you feel your energy flagging:

“I Don’t Hope It… I DEMAND it!”

“I now command my subconscious mind to direct and help as many people as possible today to better their lives by giving me the STRENGTH, the EMOTION, the PERSUASION, the HUMOR… Whatever it takes to show these people HOW and get them to change their lives NOW!”

Speak it and EMBODY it with your voice and your WHOLE BODY!

Taking Your Sales Results To The Next Level

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