Four Keys to a Fantastic Fourth Quarter

Tom Brady… Peyton Manning… Fran Tarkenton… Joe Montana…

When the chips were down in the fourth quarter, these are just a few of the names you might think of, reminding us that when all seems lost, there’s often a way to snatch victory from the claws of defeat.

So whether you’re already having a terrific year, or maybe you’re looking at your sales scoreboard and shaking your head, thinking, “This isn’t where I’d hoped we’d be by now!”…

Let’s take a look at how you can make THIS quarter your best ever.
So how do we finish out the fourth quarter STRONG and hit the ground running to start next year with GREATNESS?

Great sales teams focus on four key areas.

If you want to rock your fourth quarter and beyond, first you must…

Tune In

If you’re not “there” when speaking with prospects, planning your next call or sprucing up the model home, how can you expect to win?

Listen, I understand — Life today throws plenty of distractions in our path.

Family… World News… Social Media… The Economy… Your favorite sports team’s latest score…

All in a seemingly endless stream of attempts to grab our attention.

Winners in the new home sales game stay focused when they’re at work, and set aside all these distractions for when they won’t interfere with their success on the job.

Here are six ways you can “Tune In” when you need to:

Tune Up

Great athletes, artists and professionals of every kind are constantly honing their skills.

They LOVE the game and enthusiastically search out ways to get better at what they do.

And of course it’s no different with helping your prospects own the new home of their dreams.

But often, we get complacent, and succumb to a kind of “tunnel vision”, where we miss the little things that can make such a big difference in your selling success.

Here then are some of the things to make sure you’re keeping on top of:

      1. Community. Upon entering does your community clearly give visitors a strong sense of  “arrival”? Does it look like an exciting place to visit? Do your signs, banners and flags look smart and convey a sense of success?
      2. Model Home. Does the exterior look colorful and inviting? Once inside, will your visitors see a clutter-free space? Is it clean and organized, conveying a sense of affluence and happiness?
      3. Sales Center. Are all your sales tools displayed in a professional manner? Do you have an Aerial Map, Topo Board, Builder Story, Floor Plans, Architecture and Design Images, Information about the Lifestyle, Quality and Energy Efficiency your community offers? Is your Marketing Packet top notch, ready and available for prospects to pick up and take with them?
      4. Construction Sites. Especially with a major purchase of a highly complex product like a new home, perception really does make for reality in the mind of your prospect. Are your sites messy and chaotic? Are you keeping in touch with trades people to let them know how important appearances can be to the success of the community (and their continued business with your company!)?
      5. Personal Appearance. Does your personal appearance look professional, trustworthy and likeable? Does it match your community and client base? First impressions matter — It’s human nature to form a judgement within seconds. And that impression can last throughout your entire relationship with a prospect. Would you rather swim upstream the whole time, or start the relationship on the right foot, increasing your odds of success?
      6. Visitor Experience. It’s good to get a “fresh eyes” perspective on the kind of experience your visitors have. Get feedback to find out what you can do better? Where is the experience anything less than stellar? How might you improve? Reach out to another sales associate and periodically do a “Community Challenge” with our Community Checklist.

Please ask for a free copy of our Community Checklist at


Take Part

Don’t forget, for most of the folks you’ll be selling to, the last three months of the year are filled with the biggest holidays.

And that means your prospects will have holidays on their mind.

Go with them…

Be aware of the season and celebrate each holiday with them so they feel at home in your community.

October signals a change of seasons as the weather is cooling off… A few rapport-builders might include, “How are you enjoying these cooler temperatures?” or “What are your kids going to be for Halloween?”.

These can segue into a conversation about the value of knowing your neighbors and the benefits of living in a safer community.

You might even consider hosting a Pumpkin Carving Contest, promoted on your Social Media/FB Page. Post a picture of your pumpkin and ask people to like and follow you. Have them share their pictures and the pumpkin design with the most “likes” gets a gift card from a local restaurant or other business.

November is a time of giving thanks and celebrating family and friends. Some conversation starters to get in sync with your prospects might include “What are some of your favorite Foods/Recipes this time of year?” and “ Are you the main cook in your family?”

You can then segue into topics like kitchen layout, countertops, cabinets and pantry space, kitchen island, double oven, etc. You could also mention the dining room, spaces for guests and so on.

To really evoke the spirit of Thanksgiving, sponsor a food drive and invite visitors and prospects to help feed the less fortunate.

December for many people is a time of shopping, decorating, festivities and family traditions.

Show your prospects you’re tuned into their world with conversation starters like…

  • “Do you have any Christmas Parties to attend this year?” then “If you’re looking for a unique dress there’s a local boutique here in <nearby shopping area> that has some beautiful ones and they’re very reasonably priced.”
  • “What’s one of your favorite family traditions?” and maybe something like “There’s a very authentic Santa’s Grotto at the Mall.”

With those setups, you could segue into talking about the local area shops, shopping mall and boutiques and the ample storage space your homes offer.

To celebrate the Christmas season, you can decorate your completed inventory homes to get them noticed with big red bows, Christmas wreaths, lights on the garage, front doors and signs, etc.

And don’t forget pictures with Santa! Hire a Santa and photographer. Invite visitors and prospects to bring their friends too!

Remember, people buy on emotion

Evoking emotion with any of these activities is almost certain to increase your ability to engage more prospective home buyers and close more sales.


Take Off!

Successful sales pros know that CONVICTION drives COMMI$$IONS.

And visualizing success helps you have a heartfelt conviction about the value of helping as many people as you can find a way to own the home of their dreams.

So, what are your professional goals?

How many families and lives will you CHANGE?

And what are your financial goals?

What do YOU want for You and Your FAMILY?

It’s OK to think about money when you’re setting your goals. The money will allow us to not only live but to do the things we dream about doing.

Ready… Set…

If it’s fantastic fourth quarter you’re after, not to mention a great start to the new year, remember these four keys:

  • Tune In
  • Tune Up
  • Take Part
  • Take Off!

And if you’d like help with any of this for yourself or your sales team, give us a call at (888) 738-4020 or request a free Diagnostic Sales Consultation at

We look forward to helping you get that ball across the goal line for a fantastic fourth quarter — and a GREAT new year!