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Who We Are

Who We Are

You can’t teach what you don’t know. Furthermore, you can’t teach what you haven’t done. Our team is comprised of talented, dedicated individuals who have decades of experience in the New Home industry. We teach other New Home Sales professionals how to realize the same level of success we were fortunate to experience in our careers!

So, whether you are someone looking to get in New Home Sales, a seasoned New Homes Sales Professional who wants to simply get better, or a builder who understands the power of great training, Sales Solve Everything has an array of popular and effective training programs to help you accomplish what you are out to do. In person, or online, we have created the most impactful training services in the New Home industry-all driven by a team that has been in your seat and done it before.

Ralph J. Williams III

Chief Executive

Ralph Williams, CEO and Co-founder of Sales Solve Everything, is a true Sales Advocate, engaging Home Builder audiences across the nation. In just 6 short years, the company has worked with over 100 home builders, from small regional ones to large national builders across 24 states. Some of our clients are the fastest growing Home Builders in the nation. Ralph is the visionary and creator behind “Online Sales Bites”, the most effective, interactive Onboarding tool in the market delivering Online Sales Training Programs that are created specifically for the New Home Sales Industry. With more than $2 Billion Dollars of Real Estate Sales transactions, he attributes his success in life and business to five characteristics: Connect, Care, Work Hard, Practice and Develop. Ralph’s experience as a Top Sales Professional, VP of Sales, and highly profitable Division President has molded his coaching style to be authentic and relatable. At Sales Solve Everything, he develops and delivers new ideas and concepts on how to tackle the relevant issues in an ever-changing market, in a fun, interactive and effective way. Home Builders from across the nation send their sales teams to attend Sales Solve Everything’s New Home Sales School where hundreds of Sales Professionals graduate annually from their training school in Dallas, Texas. Ralph is an industry expert, he delivers approximately 60 events from keynotes, schools/workshops/seminars as well as radio and webinars across the nation each year to Builder Teams, Managers, Executives, and SMC’s. He has been selected as a keynote speaker at the International Builder Show several years and has led a Master Session at the International Builder Show as well. Additionally, Ralph dedicates a lot of his time to managing sales teams. Using his hands-on approach, he conducts hundreds of group coaching calls each year and does onsite mentoring which helps individuals and builder teams master each step of their profession, so they can continuously grow and be successful.

Mar’Sue Haffner

Partner & President

Mar’Sue Haffner is a captivating and experienced Speaker and Trainer who offers a unique global perspective gained from her travels around the world. Her style is sincere, fresh and fun, and her audiences benefit from her authentic experiences. Mar’Sue is a Toastmaster and Keynote Speaker, having addressed countless crowds at National Sales and Marketing Councils across the country, Worldbook Encyclopedia, The International Builders Show, as well as local and national homebuilders. Mar’Sue has a degree in French and Math, taught Jr. High and High School, sold Encyclopedias door to door for 8 years and spent 19 years with a Homebuilder while she grew a team that was selling 25 new homes per year to one selling over 1,000. Today, Mar’Sue Haffner and her business partner, Ralph Williams, own Sales Solve Everything, a sales training company in Dallas, Texas. They teach over 25 different seminars all individually customized for each client. Their Online Sales BitesTM are a sales onboarding tool with 52 weeks of online training designed to get a new person trained up and selling quickly. Mar’Sue’s latest keynote is entitled “A Passionate Pursuit: Life, Liberty and Legacy”.  Her favorite seminars to present are those which have the greatest impact on sales results including:  Stop Being Out Negotiated; Psychometric Selling; Sensitivity and the Multi-Cultural Buyer; There is Power in Personality, Selling is a Romance Language and the Cheat Codes of New Home Sales. If you are new to sales, a 20-year sales veteran experiencing burn out, a frustrated manager looking for a fresh perspective to jump start an under-performing community, or an executive needing help building, and/or managing a sales team, Mar’Sue has the experience and skill to help on every level.  She believes there is a solution for every problem and Sales truly do Solve Everything.

Steve Bradford

National Sales Trainer, Coach & Consultant

Steve Bradford brings over two decades of experience in the homebuilding industry and has excelled in multiple positions, including, on-site sales, sales manager, sales trainer, land acquisition, and VP of sales and marketing. He combines a blend of dynamic sales training and motivation with a deep understanding of the industry. These skills allow him to not only drive sales and customer satisfaction, but also profitability.  Steve is passionate about helping sales teams perform at their highest level, creating engaged happy homeowners and helping homebuilding companies grow. With the ability to drill down quickly to the needs of the team, Steve can craft a training approach to best serve the needs with whomever he is working. Motivation is key as well as addressing attitude and mindset; but first and foremost, sales and marketing teams need the foundational skills and techniques to perform at a top level in any market. Steve’s years of experience allow him to present those skills in a fun and engaging manner. His mantra is always “Help the team understand WHY they are doing something, and they will do the WHAT without question”. Steve worked with a top five national builder for over a decade as well as growing a regional builder from 70 sales a year to over 350. He helped that builder achieve one of the highest accolades in the industry, the National Housing Quality Gold Award. He has worked with entry level homes, move up, move down, semi-custom and custom homebuilding, as well as, on your lot building.

Melanie Calvert

Director of Operations

Melanie is a Texas native and has lived in the DFW area for most all of her adult life. She moved to Dallas after completing her degree in Finance from Texas A&M University. Melanie has always been interested in construction, real estate, sales and entrepreneurship. She comes by it naturally with a Dad who is a custom home builder and parents who owned retail stores while she was growing up. Over the past 25 years she has worked in the mortgage loan industry, commercial property management, corporate accounting, home decorating, has her real estate license and has done New Home Sales. Her sales career started as a teen when she worked in her family’s clothing business. She has sold everything from newspaper subscriptions on the phone in college, to Tupperware and Home Décor and then real estate. It was in New Home Sales where she met Ralph & Mar’Sue. She joined the Sales Solve Everything team in January 2015 in a part-time role while she was still selling real estate. In November 2017, she transitioned into her current full-time role as Director of Operations. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Bruce, and they enjoy traveling especially to visit their two sons, Harrison & Jackson, both in college now.

Vanessa Burkhead

Director of Online Education

Vanessa is a transplant from the United Kingdom. She moved to the states in the early 1990’s, where she kicked off her career working for a Fortune 500 software company as part of their Inside Sales Team. This is where she refined her sales skills and found her true talent and passion for creating effective sales tools, educational materials and coaching Sales professionals to strive to be the best that they can be. She has successfully worked for many sales organizations over the last 20 years in various industries. Vanessa has more than 10 years of sales operational support, recruitment and extensive training experience in the New Home Sales industry. This is where she met the new home sales training experts Mar’Sue Haffner and Ralph Williams, to whom she contributes her success today. In her free time, Vanessa finds relaxation in painting and interior decorating and gardening. She loves spending time with her wonderful husband Curt and traveling this beautiful country with her family when they visit.