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The Importance of “Face”

The concept of “Face” is an integral part of the Asian mindset. Everything revolves around face. One is either giving, saving/building or losing face. Face refers to social standing, reputation, influence, dignity and honor. We can all benefit from understanding the power and importance of FACE.

Facebook gave each of us face. How we portray ourselves in this and on all the other powerful social platforms will affect how we connect, present, sell and close new homes today and on into the future.

Being able to connect quickly over all these different mediums will be the difference in the buyer wanting to work with you or someone else. These connection skills work over the phone, virtually and in person. The ability to quickly assess each buyer will tell you how to communicate, what to present and how to move the sale forward to a successful close. This is truly understanding the concept of face. Today we are having to not only connect with buyers based on generations and cultures but also based on their personality. The core values that each of these groups place on lifestyle, location and leisure gives us a glance into the information we need to know in order to best help them and how to communicate differently with each group.

Facetime, virtual tour, zoom doesn’t matter until you embrace the concept of face. We get to decide what we show the world, yet many don’t stop to analyze the message they are sending to their buyers. Even company’s websites, must re-examine the face they project and communicate to potential prospects. As a result of today’s social media environment, each individual, group and company get to decide what they show the public. Some generations relate to pictures, posts, FaceTime and selfies more easily than others.

The use and effectiveness of technology is only as good as the person and their sales skills are behind it.

The three greatest compliments we can receive from our buyers are: 1- When a buyer says, “You are so good at this. You really love what you do, don’t you?” 2-A referral.  Buyers don’t refer their friends unless they trust the “face” you have shown them. 3- They tell their world on social media about you. There is no greater honor than a customer who is willing to associate themselves with you.

To survive and sell successfully in 2021 and beyond you will have to adapt and incorporate your personal brand ie your face, into your posts and be willing to let the world see you in action doing what you love in your personal as well as your business life.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

What can we do to put our best “Face” forward?

What are the most important sales skills and social media skills needed for success today and in the future?

How can I prepare myself for continued success no matter what happens in the future?

Be brave, reinvent yourself when the market shifts, practice new techniques and don’t lose heart. Once a Salesman, always a Salesman, even virtually.  So, rise up to sell another day, shine no matter where you are physically, and carry on virtually today as long as you put your best face forward. Passion still transfers over the phone, in person and virtually. Compassion, face, sales skills and courage to carry on virtually will prepare you for the future and guarantee your sales success no matter what is happening in the universe.