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Romancing Your Model Home

Romancing Your Model Home

In November of 2011, I circumnavigated the globe on a cruise ship for 4 months studying sales and negotiating tips from around the world. It was fantastic to be able to do what I love to do, i.e. advancing my knowledge and personal development while having such a blast.

And while I learned an incredible amount about sales, negotiations, and buyer personalities during that 4-month journey, I also learned a valuable lesson simply from being a passenger aboard the cruise ship, Amsterdam. 

Image of a cruise ship symbolizing romancing your model home

Every single morning for 4 months, without fail, the same thing would happen. The ship’s captain would come on the loudspeaker to make the daily announcements, and every day, he started it the same way — 

“Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain Olav speaking on the beautiful and elegant flagship, Amsterdam.”

And don’t get me wrong, when I initially boarded the Amsterdam I was amazed by her, as most people were. But, I imagine, after being aboard her day-in and day-out for 4 months, you could see how that initial first impression could fade.  

But it didn’t. This daily announcement had a profound impact on me — every morning I would hear about the grace, craftsmanship, and elegance of the ship we were on, and the moment I heard the captain’s voice, I felt like standing up and saluting this beautiful, elegant ship.

The ship never changed, but my deep appreciation for her did.

Every morning when Olav created that moment for us all to think about and appreciate the ship in all her glory, that’s exactly what I — and those around me — did.

Of course, since I was already in the mindset of New Home Sales and negotiating, I immediately drew a correlation between what I was hearing and what WE do for a living…

image of a model home

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Bring This Passion To Your Model Home

You want your homebuyers to experience this same feeling when they see your model home. To do so, WE as sales professionals, need to stop, pause for a moment, and appreciate our model home in all her glory.

If you begin to look at your model home with the eyes of someone who is experiencing her beauty, elegance, and style for the very first time, it will change how you talk about and relate your model home to your buyers.

I call this “romancing your model home,” and it’s one small change you can use to make a big impact on how your model home is presented, received, and perceived.

And maybe, just maybe, we SHOULD salute each time we arrive at our model home for work. Perhaps that small action would help to remind us to remember our purpose and see our model home as if we are seeing her for the very first time — and we can use that to help our buyers experience our model home in all of her glory.

- Mar'Sue

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