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7 Proven New Home Sales Methods to Close More Sales During a Sales Slump

7 Proven New Home Sales Methods to Close More Sales During a Sales Slump

Oh, the dreaded sales slump. It’s happened to all of us at one time or another, from the novice salesperson to the veteran superstar.

Maybe you started the year strong, but for whatever reason, that momentum slipped away, or perhaps you’ve been struggling since you-can’t-remember-when and you feel like you’re at the end of your rope!

Either way, the sales slump is a lonely, difficult place to be, and can be even harder to break out of.

The good news?

Sales slumps aren’t forever, and you CAN shorten their duration and maintain your sanity by following these 7 tried-and-true methods to help you overcome, push through, get back into the swing of things (aka selling like wildfire!).

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How to Overcome Your New Home Sales Slump:

  1. Get rid of negativity: Turn off the news or anything else that’s negative that you’re feeding your mind. Put positive music on in the office, listen to encouraging messages and podcasts. A sales slump already feels negative enough, it’s time to banish all other negativity.
  2. Give yourself some self-care: Sales slumps can take a toll on your mind and body. Try to get some good sleep, eat healthfully, and spend time with those you love — take care of yourself each and every day. 
  3. Inspire Yourself: Go visit past happy customers to talk with them and see them in their homes that they love (that YOU helped them acquire!). Not only will their joy in their new home get your re-inspired, but it will also remind you why you are doing this for a living.
  4. Get a Fresh Perspective: Walk your model home, your inventory homes, drive by your signs, and ask yourself if you would buy from you, your community and your builder. Why or why not?
  5. Start Calling: Go through all of your guest cards and start calling. Leave a great compelling message, and then text directly after and let them know you left a message.
  6. Review Your Approach: Record your presentation and tape a few phone calls and then review, evaluate, and tweak your presentation. A most common issue during a sales slump is that it’s obvious our energy and passion are missing. A sale would help us get back up again, but until that comes through, we gotta push through and fake it.
  7. Don’t give up. Call everyone you can. Create a circus with balloons, feather flags. Be sure there is a positive energy flow in your model home. Every time a customer comes in tell yourself this person is going to buy from me TODAY. Give them all you have and you will start selling again.

You shouldn’t have to struggle alone!

It’s lonely in the sales slump, and also completely unnecessary that you go it alone since it’s a common challenge that affects everyone at one time or another.

Talk to a senior colleague who has experienced what you have and found success, or better yet, join us at our upcoming Advanced Pro Workshop, June 25-26th in Dallas/Fort Worth where you can be in a supportive, inspiring environment with like-minded, highly motivated sales pros, and we can help blast you out of your sales slump with a fresh perspective and strategies you can immediately use to start selling.

- Mar'Sue

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