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Witness The Results We've Produced With Our Clients...

"Thank you Ralph and Mar'Sue for giving me the tools I need to be successful in so many different ways"
- Jeremiah McKee
New Home Consultant
Blackstone Homes

"Sales Solve Everything is a no-brainer to train my new home sales people. They took us in at 27; today we’re going to do 500 home sales"
- Chris Hartley
VP of Sales & Marketing
Dunhill & Nathan Carlisle Homes

"Our sales people actually had a resource they could go to, whenever they needed to"
- Doug Skomer
Executive Director
Graham Hart Home Builder

"I don't know where I would be without Sales Solve Everything. I certainly would not know how to close a home"
- Shelby Homewood
Sales Consultant
MainVue Homes

Ralph and Mar'Sue and true leaders in their field and I owe all of my success to them!

Darren Cohen ... Highland Homes

Ralph and Mar Sue have taken their hard earned experience (and reputations for being the BEST in the business) and dedicated themselves to changing lives! Not your ordinary "training", folks! Be prepared to leave inspired to take on the world!

Hayley McDaniel

These classes will help you transform from a greeter to a sales professional

Megan Reeves ... CC&M Homes

No one in the new homes sales profession should miss the opportunity to study from 2 of the best in our industry

Barbie Mays ... Trendmaker Homes

Every New Home Sales Professional needs fine tuning from Ralph Williams and MarSue Haffner.

Steven Harvey ... CB Jeni Homes

If you're in Real Estate Sales as a beginner or even if you've done it for years Ralph and Mar'Sue's experiences and expertise will help launch your sales success to heights well above where they were when you first walked through their doors. See what they have to share today or else risk losing another sale to your competitors!

Joleta Wood ... Clarity Homes

This was the best training I have ever had! The instructors were phenomenal and the knowledge I gained is definitely something I will be able to effectively utilize in my sales career. Very entertaining, interactive and relevant.

Elizabeth Holman

This is the most comprehensive home sales class I have ever attended. The Sales Solve Everything training course provides you all the right tools for your tool box. Without it, you have nothing! Mar'Sue and Ralph are excellent experienced instructors. They provide the novice, to the most experienced sales person the tools to be the best in the home sales field. Sales Solve Everything, it's a formula for success.

Rex Masterman

Excellent source of information from some of the top real estate minds in the industry. Also, the hands on training provided is invaluable to anyone looking to advance their career in real estate sales.

Jason Gendron ... Magnolia Homes


Trendmaker Homes
Greentech Homes
Vanguard Homes
Camden Homes