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Well, it is with great delight that in June of this year I returned to the World of Sales Training, on a full-time basis. It has been a four-year absence, and after three terrific years as Director of Sales for a prestigious Luxury Home Builder in South West Florida, the timing was perfect.  I was excited to join the talented team of Ralph and Mar’Sue at Sales Solve Everything.


There is no doubt that the hiatus has been helpful, and that rolling up my sleeves and getting back into the real world of home selling was both humbling and educational. After being on the road for ten years as a national sales trainer and coach, it was exhilarating to get to “practice what I had been preaching” for so long. Whether it was recruiting, coaching, managing or directly working with and helping customers; the opportunity to get back to my roots was exciting.

So, what did I learn? Here goes, even though the essential structure of a sales process is still needed, and works; clients have changed. Thanks to the Internet and the multitude of search engines such as Zillow and Trulia, clients are far more educated, and knowledgeable when they walk in. This doesn’t mean that we abandon a sales process, just that we have to be flexible and focused on the client, and even more skilled at building rapport authentically and quickly.

For me there is still almost nothing that replaces the thrill of helping a potential client make the decision to build a home with my builder and my team, and then ensuring that we work together to create the perfect “Client Experience”. One of the ways to create that perfect experience is to ensure that there is a formal download of all pertinent information from sales to everyone in the company that may work with each client. I put together a form to make it easier. If you would like a copy of our “Connect form”, please email me at: – and type CONNECT.

Online Sales Bites

One of the exciting learning tools we have at Sales Solve Everything is a library of 60 online sales videos that address each facet of the sales process in detail, and even include interactive games. Here I am recording my first few “bites” regarding Communication skills.

If you would like to receive a free sample bite, please write to:; – and type FREE BLOG BITE


South East Builders Conference – Orlando

In the summer, I was honored to speak at the SEBC with the talented and entertaining Leah Turner. We discussed “How to Earn the Right to Ask for the Sale”. It was a full house, and wonderful to meet so many new people, and begin new relationships with the builders and their teams.

If you missed the program and would like the workbook, feel free to email me at – and type SEBC

Savannah, Georgia


Next it was time for some Southern hospitality, with my friends at the Lamar Smith Signature Homes team, led by the talented Amy Eakin. We had a fun and interactive two days of training covering “The A-Z of New Home Sales” which included role playing of how to demonstrate your model. One of the first concepts is to start from the outside, so here we are deciding on the wonderful features and Benefits that we would share with customers. We all role played and learned to “Close the one you’re in”, one of my favorite songs.

Lady Lake Florida

Next it was off to Lady Lake, which is adjacent to the famous Villages, north of Orlando, Florida. Green Key Village, is an exclusive, gated, maintenance free community, with charming Key West themed Architecture and “Green Built” homes that boast zero energy bills, as well as a healthy environment for residents to enjoy. Developed and managed by the lovely Thomas family shown below.

lady-lake-florida Roland with Greg, Kim and Ashton Thomas

We are working together on a holistic program of consulting and training. Between on-site training visits, weekly management huddles, remote sales meetings and hot prospect strategy; we are excited to help transform the community one sale at a time./

Sales Solve Everything Schools In Dallas

I was honored to join our team for my first ever three day Comprehensive New Home Sales Training School. Students from all over the country joined us for the most thorough training imaginable, culminating in a day in the field with Ralph, Mar’Sue and myself. Mar’Sue taught how to sell from plans, Ralph took them out doors for his world-famous SITE-ing program in the hot sun, and I stayed in the air conditioning, and showed the salespeople how to demonstrate homes, to maximize sales.


Roland with two of the four Super Star model demo teams.

Epic Event In Houston

Next, off to Houston for an intense and action packed day of training. Ralph taught “How to Run Your New Home Franchise”, and his famous “8-5-1” goal and appointment setting program. Mar’Sue taught “How to Think and Act Like a Champion” and “Negotiation Skills from Around the World”, while I taught “How to Communicate, Connect and Build Rapport like a Pro”, and “Closing Mastery”. The group included a lively mixture of sales people, with all levels of experience from brand new to seasoned pros, and from large national builders to small local. The feedback was amazing and they all come away having learned a ton, while also having fun.

epic-event-houston Roland, Ralph and Mar’Sue dazzle and educate salespeople and managers in Houston.

Sales Solve Everything Management Retreat In Dallas

The managers enjoyed an interactive, advanced level retreat and best practices session. They left educated, satisfied and with new friendships from around the country!


Nashville, Tennessee

It was very special for me to work with my friend Gary, owner of Landmark Homes in the Mount Juliet area of Tennessee, and work with his talented Manager David Huffaker and his Keller Williams new home sales team. The group was young and hungry to learn, which for me as teacher was a true pleasure. There were plenty of light bulb moments, and some transformational sales successes that occurred soon after this first visit.


Summer Sales Hero

The most rewarding part of being a sales trainer and coach are the real-life success stories of our students. My hope is that the transformative sales success of our students will give them confidence, and cascade through all areas of their lives.

While I was in Nashville, one student in particular stood out. I noticed that Jameson (third from the right in the kitchen, wearing glasses and a jacket), was always early for the training, sat in the front row, and took a ton of notes. With the voluntary homework assignment, he was the first to send me his three page sales presentation. It was almost flawless, perfectly following the carefully thought through outline in the workbook.

Little did I know that Jameson had been in a bit of a sales slump with no sales for the previous month. A week after the training I received this email from his manager David: Jameson wrote 4 contracts last week! We are very proud of him! I credit your program with giving him the confidence to push for the sale and close these deals! Thank you! Have a great week!”

Since then, in what is now 8 weeks, Jameson has had 11 sales and taken four reservation agreements as he has temporarily sold himself out of home sites. Congratulations to Jameson, our well deserved Summer Sales Hero.

My Peeps

Since many of you used to enjoy pictures of my family and watching my little Max grow up, I thought I would include an updated photo of all of us. Max is now 8, and here we are, with my wife Svitlana on Naples Pier this summer. Like most of you, I couldn’t do anything without the love and support of my beautiful family. I am truly grateful for all our blessings.


For questions or comments please either call me at: 561-236-2400 or email me at: And be sure to friend me on Facebook and LinkedIn. Have a great month of successful selling.

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