Get the training that will allow you to finally move from Sales Rookie to New Home Sales Pro

With our Online Sales Bites®: Quick Start Series

Our approach is simple:

Deliver short, impactful bites packed with powerful and valuable content, accessible where and when you need it.

Our Quick Start Series is perfect for:

  • Sales Rookies
  • Online Sales Counselors
  • Onboarding New Hires
  • Sales Assistants
  • Those who want to break into New Home Sales
  • Comp School Attendees

What You Get with our Quick Start Series

5 Volumes (22 Courses Total) will provide you with proven strategies and best practices based on tried-and-true fundamentals for every part of the selling process, from prospecting and presenting to closing the sale.

Kickstart Your New Home Selling Skills For Only $399

Volume 1: Rise, Shine, & Sell

Uncover the major elements and techniques you need to take on the path to be consistently successful as a New Home Sales Pro.

  • Path to Success
  • Franchise
  • Come to Compete
  • Personality
Volume 2: Lead Generation

Learn the vital elements of prospecting and the analysis you will use to guarantee success 
Sales Formula

  • Prospecting Fundamentals
  • Telephone Tips & Techniques
  • The Answers Are in the Card
Volume 3: Welcome, Warm-Up, & Why's

Gain effective welcome and warm up strategies to more quickly connect with and engage your buyers

  • Greeting
  • Registration
  • Discovery
Volume 4: Value Proposition

Learn how to deliver a powerful presentation that maximizes value while developing the right questions to ask 

  • Showtime Part 1 & 2
  • Maximizing Value Part 1 & 2
Volume 5: Matchmaking

Discover powerful techniques that will help you identify the perfect plan on the 1st visit as well as how to confidently sell a home off paper. 

  • Matchmaking the Card
  • Matchmaking the Plan
  • Selling from a Blueprint

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