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  1. Ready to take the plunge into New Home Sales? We’re here to help!

    Leave a Comment The New Home Sales industry is booming. Just the other day I was driving to a friends house and out of nowhere a plot of land that used to house cattle was now a full blown community. Streets, marketing signs and all. I know it wasn’t overnight, because as Sales Professionals we all know how long it can REALLY take to get a subdivision up and going, but it sure felt like it.

    Across the country, building permits were 17% higher in January 2017 than they were the previous January, according to

    That is fantastic.  Builders are expanding their footprint and are looking for trained professionals to help them reach homebuyers. That’s where our Comprehensive New Home Sales School comes in. During this 3-Day School, National Sales Trainers Ralph Williams, Mar’Sue Haffner and Roland Nairnsey break down over 15 areas of New Home Sales and take each topic bite by bite with our attendees. From building YOUR franchise and identifying/connecting with different personality types to learning how to conquer concerns and close on the homesite, we want everyone to have the foundation for success.

    Kayla C attended our January Comprehensive Class and shared this with us: “This is such a great program! I am very green in this industry and I learned a lot of great material. this will put me in a really great spot when i get back to my model. I have more confidence.”

    For those of you that are our seasoned Sales Professionals, don’t count yourself out just yet. The response from all experience levels has been overwhelming. Everyone takes SOMETHING away from this class.  Most often we hear, “I just stopped doing that.” or “I had forgotten to take it to that next step.”.

    Check out what Jason D., a 8+ year veteran of New Home Sales said after attending the class… “Outstanding! This is not a “one size fits all approach” but offers strategies we can adopt to our own style.”

    20+ year veteran, Scott E. said: “This program is a very good foundation for success. It is great to have the workbook to take back and use. Having several different speakers adds variety and perspective. Thank you!!”

    Whether you’re looking to get into the industry, are new to the industry or you call yourself “seasoned”, sales is a matter of learning to adapt and grow as the conditions, market, environment and even as the company culture changes.

    If you are interested in attending or want to learn more about this class, check out our schools/workshops page with videos and links.

  2. Our Next Advanced School is Almost Here!

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    Jacques who began his career in New Home Sales in San Antonio Texas, back in 1998, said this about our Advanced New Home Sales School… “The Sales Solve Everything pro course was a great opportunity to interact with other seasoned onsite sales counselors and exchange ideas, tips and tactics for helping the various buyer types we all see in the course of our careers. It’s great having the opportunity to hear and see other on-sites use a line, close or even ask a subtle question that makes you perk up and say to yourself, “Oh that’s good, I’m using that.” It’s too easy to get into the habit of telling, not selling and the pro-course re-ignites the passion we all have for closing the sale.” and Scherrie said this about it…. “As a seasoned new home salesperson I thought I had heard it all; but in this class of pros, how refreshing to get a new perspective on old techniques. I really enjoyed role playing and strategizing with some of the best!” Take a peak at the video below and decide for yourself. We’d love to have you join us April 16th & 17th. Call Brittney at 940-231-2624 to register.

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